Visit Wan Juyuan Company by an enterprise delegation to Germany
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Visit Wan Juyuan Company by an enterprise delegation to Germany

    Following the establishment of the Zhongyi Medical International Division by Wanjuyuan Technology Co., Ltd. and the International Mayan Medical Institute on May 13, 2018, the company‘s international blueprint for development was also good news: May 17, 2018, by the Shenzhen International Investment Promotion Federation Secretary-General Mr. Wenyongjie, Director of the Grand Project Department, Our company was visited by a four-member enterprise delegation composed of Ms. Cencuiqu, an office official, and Ms. Dairan, Assistant Secretary of the Event Planning Department.


    Vice President of the company, Mr. Li Zhongbing, Manager of the Administration Department, Ms. Tanguizhen, Finance Department Manager Gouruiping, and other participants warmly received the visiting leaders and introduced the company‘s development history and the advantages of the main products of the pump pump. Highlighting the Intergovernmental cooperation project to establish a high-tech industrial park in Ulyanovsk, Russia, and the company‘s development model and eight-year dedicated research and development have received high recognition and praise from delegations, He also invited the CEO of the company, Mr. Tianwanbao, to participate in the Sino-German(European) Industrial Cooperation President‘s class project in Bao‘an District, Shenzhen, and went to Germany for an exchange visit.??


      The project is organized by the Bao‘an Vocational Training Bureau and organized by the Shenzhen International Investment Promotion Federation. The relevant leaders and heads of the Bao‘an Vocational Training Bureau, domestic foreign affairs discipline and German preaching experts, Bao‘an enterprise presidents and executives, and Shenzhen International Investment Promotion Association staff participate. In mid-June, he officially went to Germany for an exchange visit. The visit will surely write a strong letter for the development of the company‘s internationalization, willing to pump infusion pump for the development of international medical care to make its own contribution, in every need of its place of light and heat.寰?俊?剧??_20180518151155.png