Leaders of government of boshan district, zibo city, shandong province visited wanjuyuan headquarters
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Leaders of government of boshan district, zibo city, shandong province visited wanjuyuan headquarters

      On June 22, 2018, shenzhen wanjuyuan science and technology co., LTD. Welcomed director xu, minister Yang, chairman zhang and director li of boshan district government of zibo city, shandong province. The leaders visited the company??s r&d center.
And made a high evaluation of the company??s development.

    CEO tian, accompanied by relevant personnel of the company, tian introduced in detail the advantages of the company??s exclusive gas pump infusion pump. Boshan leaders praised the product model environment test they saw on site.
The safety and portability of products in clinical application have made leaders such as xu zengchang realize the strong innovation ability of new high-tech enterprises.


       For northerners, air pollution is a serious pain points, so the leaders of the company??s new products are very interested in graphene ion oxygen bar, air quality in the meeting room is very pure and fresh, testing equipment, according to formaldehyde to 0, for PM2.5 index

009, indoor air quality has reached the best level, the product can not only remove formaldehyde, odor and PM2.5, also can achieve a variety of additional functions, make live in serious pollution of city people never leave home can enjoy the comfortable and health of the forest.

During the meeting, leaders of boshan district realized that the company??s current development in all parts of the country was deeply concerned and supported by the government. In the future health care industry development in the wan juyuan will be irresistible. Xu divisional director, minister Yang, chairman zhang and

Director li is currently at the meeting than juyuan in the national market development strategy and cooperation mode gave high evaluation, hope to boshan ship juyuan on-the-spot investigation, and mainly introduced the latest policy tendency of the rebuilt, boshan area developing healthy endowment is proposed

The industrial orientation of the center is to realize cooperation and mutual assistance, strengthen cooperation and achieve win-win results.