Warmly celebrate the establishment of the county-level entrepreneurship platform for the medical partner of Zhongyi
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On August 2, 2016, the county-level business start-up platform of the medical partner of Zhongyi Medical Co., Ltd. was formally established.

         In the Chinese medical equipment, the Chinese seal medical treatment is undoubtedly the most innovative face. From the world??s first air-pump infusion mechanism to the world??s safest and most accurate infusion treatment, Zhongyi will continue to dedicate the best to everyone. The Chinese seal always upholds the mission of using the power of science and technology to improve the care of life, and advances to the vision of serving the world??s best integrated infusion solution, making greater contributions to the healthy development of China??s medical and health care.

The promotion of the concept of "double creation":

         On August 2, Ceotianwanbao proposed the implementation of the "new model of rural encircling the city" and the overall solution of safe and accurate infusion. This means that Prime minister Li Keqiang has firmly followed the innovative route and has also followed the popular entrepreneurship proposed by Li Yucheng. The concept of innovation for all. "We push ??double innovation?? to make more people rich and make more people realize their life value. This will help adjust the income distribution structure and promote social equity. It will also allow more young people, especially children of poor families, to have more upward paths. "

Application in the field of health:
      Under the condition that the living environment has changed so much, people have unprecedented demand for health care industry, and health care is also being highly valued by the party and the government. It has defined the main tasks for the development of health services in the coming period: vigorously developing medical services, accelerating the development of health care for the elderly, actively developing health insurance, comprehensively developing health care services for traditional Chinese medicine, supporting the development of medical examination and consultation, and sports and fitness for the whole people. We will diversify health services such as health culture and tourism, foster supporting industries related to health services, and strengthen the foundation for the development of health services.
             In keeping with the new situation of China??s aging population and further implementing the policy of "leading the Party and government, participating in society, and caring for the whole people", China??s medical partners resolutely implemented the important spirit of the Party??s 18th National Congress to "focus on safeguarding and improving people??s livelihood". Set up an international advanced and scientific management concept, actively explore, enhance core competitiveness, draw on the successful experience of the industry, and innovate and develop. In the second half of 2016, it plans to establish the Wuhu Shuangchuang Industrial Park, which will "integrate R&D, production, education and training, pipeline management, and customer service". Forming the industrial chain with complementary advantages to provide first-class services to customers.

            Based on China, to the world, the Chinese seal will work with more ambitious people, continuously optimize the infusion environment, continue to create the infusion legend. Let more people enjoy the results of accurate infusion!